Interrupteur Différentiel AC, 4P

Interrupteur Différentiel AC, 4P

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Interrupteur modulaire AC 4P.


Technical data for design verification
IEC/EN 61008

Rated operational voltage [Ue][Ue]Rated operating voltage [Ue]
230/400 V AC

Rated frequency [f]
50 Hz

Limit values of the operating voltageTest circuit
196 - 456 V AC

Rated insulation voltage [Ui ]
440 V

Rated impulse withstand voltage [Uimp]
4 kV
Rated short-circuit strength [Icn]
10 kA

Rated making and breaking capacity / Rated residual making and breaking capacity [Im / IΔm]
500 A

lifespanElectrical [Operations]
≧ 4000

lifespanMechanical [Operations]
≧ 20000

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